7 September 2010

Hong Kong

After 12 sleepless hours on the plane, we relieved to see our rucksacks arrive on the luggage rack.
After staying the night at Calum and Meg's very nice new flat in Ealing, Pam and I took the first big step of our seven month round the world trip: the flight from London to Hong Kong.

We plan to stay in youth hostels most nights in each country we visit, but we thought we'd treat ourselves for our first few nights abroad. For the 3 nights we are in Hong Kong, we are staying in The Royal Pacific.

Our hotel (we're staying in hostels mostly!)
We didn't check in at the hotel room until around 9pm, but we nipped out for look around a few of the main streets nearby. The shops and shopping malls are amazing! There are big fashion names with huge, expensive stores here: Hugo Boss, Armani, D&G. They even had an H&M.

I sampled noodles with spicy shredded beef, which was delicious (and as hot as a vindaloo). This was the first time in my life I had eaten an entire meal with chopsticks. It may well be my last.

I'm debating whether or not to stay up to watch Scotland versus Liechtenstein online, although, having been awake for 33 hours straight, going to sleep seems like the better option. Mind you, watching the match might get me there quicker. Over and out.

PS: Our own photos will be on the way soon!



  1. I was there James and going to bed was def the best option. Terrible, embarrassing and shocking are some of the many words i could use. Travels look amazing very jealous. Hope ur both well xx

  2. Yeah, that's what most of the match reviews said. The only positive is that the Czech Republic lost at home to Lithuania (who we should beat at home) and we are winning while playing poorly. Bring on the Spanish!


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