10 September 2010

Happy Valley Racecourse & Llama Island

On the sampan in Aberdeen harbour: floating restaurant in the background

 Happy Valley Racecourse
After checking the football scores online, it seems that choosing to sleep instead of watch the Scotland game in the early hours of the morning was a good decision! I can't wait to see how we'll fare against the reigning European and World Champions...

Following a suggestion from Pam's dad, we went to the horse racing at the Happy Valley Racecourse, which I'm told is famous throughout the world. The only horse racing I'd been to before was at Hamilton Racecourse and it's fair to say that this topped it. 

From the eight races, Pam chose two winners. My only success came about because of a local punter's private tip ("Number 3 is a good horse" - who was I to argue?!) Just before the final race of the night, there was a huge thunder storm. Check out this (very short) video of the lightning:

El Capitan
The following day, we decided to head to Hong Kong's very own Aberdeen (a sunnier, more colourful version of the Scottish city, although with a similar fishy smell in some parts). When we arrived, we took a sampan tour of the harbour with a rather eccentric guide (see picture). The water was packed with traditional fishing boats, houseboats and even a floating restaurant!

Bargain hunting at the market
In the evening, we took a ferry to Llama Island, on the advice of the guidebook. Unlike the vast majority of places in Hong Kong, there are no cars on Llama Island. Instead, there are lush green hills, bicycles galore and cheap, interesting restaurants. The one we ate at suffered slightly from an over attentive waiter (who hovered around nudging the salt shakers and topping up our drinks, presumably to appear busy) and also from a meal that will probably remain a once in a lifetime 'experience': braised baby pigeon (I'm a cruel man, I know...)


Mmmm... ice-cream!
Aberdeen Harbour sunset
The neon lights of Nathan Road


  1. How does pigeon taste??

    - Danielle

  2. Pigeon tastes like duck, however, for about ten minutes of effort, I probably had around five small bitefuls of meat! I'll put it down as a failed experiment!

  3. I had been checking your blog periodically for the past couple of weeks. Hoping there would be some sign of adventurous fun being had. Alas, this was the day I struck gold.
    ahahahha that is probably the cheesiest I can get. It is 4am and I am a bit loopy.
    The travels sound brilliant so far. Good call on the nice hotel for the first three nights.
    I was laughing about Aberdeen. They are everywhere....

  4. Hi Pam and James. You look like you're having a great time. Super photos! Keep them coming.


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