20 September 2010

Big Macs and lizard attacks

Ronald McDonald: renouned Thai chef
After a long overnight bus ride, we have arrived in Thailand's second city, Chiang Mai. Our first impressions are that it's a cleaner, cooler, calmer version of Bangkok.

Tired and hungry, following our 12 hour stint on the bus, we checked in and went straight to bed to get some much needed sleep. When I woke, the thought of a burger from McDonald's was at the forefront of my mind (as is usually the case).

Such was my desire for my beloved Big Mac, I googled, only to discover there was just one McDonald's restaurant (I use that word lightly) in the entire city. I was too hungry to focus on its exact location and decided to instead eat from the stalls at the market.

Picture the scene: we take a tuk tuk through the city, get dropped off next to hundreds of stalls, look to our left and there it is, shining in beautiful yellow and red, the big M. Some things are just meant to be!

The wee bugger

After the market, we arrived back at our room and started to get ready for bed. We were quietly pottering about when, without warning, Pam shrieked, leapt up on the bed and bounded for the opposite side of the room, screaming. I've never seen her run so fast. I soon realised there were three of us in the room - me, Pam and, scurrying up the wall, a chingchock (house lizard)! In the end, we were given a free room upgrade because of the little blighter, so I guess we owe it something!



  1. Haha, I'd rather encounter the lizard than the big mac! E xxx

  2. Hi James and Pam,
    The lizards eat the biting insects and should therefore be welcome guests in your room.
    Hope you enjoyed your burger.
    Dad xx

  3. Lizards eat mosquitos, you should be happy to see them. By the end of your trip you will be amazingly casual about all sorts of creepy crawlies!! Love Px

  4. Oi, Esther! Big Macs are a culinery delight!

    Dad & Paula, the chance of a lizard being a 'welcome guest' in our room at any point on our trip is very slim. We've begun lizard-proofing our rooms by putting towels under the crack in the front door and placing a shoe over the shower drain!


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