25 September 2010

Chiang Mai

Yui demonstrating how to cook Thai green curry
Pam and I decided to improve our limited culinary 'skills' at a Thai cookery class, run by Yui - a lovely lady who will be appearing on a Channel 4 documentary later this year to show Gordon Ramsay a thing or two.

The day started off with a visit to a local food market, where we were told how to select the best ingredients and choose the freshest meat. We were picked up in a cool VW campervan and taken to Yui's home, where she demonstrated how to cook three dishes: pad Thai, hot & sour soup and Thai green curry. We each had our own work station (not to mention razor sharp chef knife!) It was so much fun and somehow, all our fingers remained intact, although Pam did manage to evaporate most of her soup by turning the heat on the hob up rather than off - a true 'Pamism'.

Trying to look like we know what we're doing!
It's quite ironic that the best Thai food I've eaten in Thailand was cooked by my own hand! I would offer to cook for you all when I get home, but as Pam claimed she was a better cook than me, I'll nominate her to do that instead.

After a busy couple of weeks in the city, we decided to take some chill out time and soak up some morning sun by the pool. The only problem is, I soaked up a little too much and am now as pink as Pam's nail varnish.

Since this horrible incident (which left me only able to lie and watch football for a day - how terrible), we have flown to Phuket, where we are staying just 50 metres from the beautiful Karon Beach.

Hot & sour soup
Pam had to venture out alone to explore on the first morning while I 'recovered', but she came back in one piece and even brought me chocolate - score!

Tomorrow, we are going to see the final of the Kata Beach surfing competition, which should be interesting seeing as the red flags (meaning it is too dangerous to swim) will be flying. Hopefully, I will pick up some tips for surfing in Australia - Andrew, take note!



  1. Now you are really taking this food theme seriously! I hope you did not mention your search for that culinary horror the Big Mac when you embarked on your cooking course.
    Poor woman would have been traumatised.
    Have fun guys,

  2. I want to sample some of this cooking when u get back, better be good as Thai food is amongst some of favourite. I've read this far and will continue. It sounds so far like your haveing an amazeing time, pleased for you both. From scott

  3. Jill, I decided against mentioning the Big Mac to Yui. She is a bit of a hippy who would have probably asked me to leave her kitchen!

    Scott, I'll attempt Pad Thai for you and Lorna (Cole too, maybe?) when I get back. I'll have to get you to sign a disclaimer beforehand though!


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