12 December 2010

Port Macquarie

A carefully selected photograph!
Waiting a for a good wave
After the weather had previously denied us a chance to learn how to surf, we took advantage of the glorious sunshine to take a lesson with Port Macquarie Surf School.

Our first surfing experience
The lead instructor was a typical surfer dude (who I later learned had finished 4th in the Australian Surfing Championships) and, after finding out Pam and I were Scottish, decided to tease me about kilts (or 'skirts', as he put it). After we squeezed into our wetsuits, he explained the basics then told us to grab a board and give it a go. Needless to say, it was far from easy! After a while, we both managed to stand up on the board, though we spend a lot more time falling off it!

Moments before a front flip - unfortunately, I missed the shot...
Port Macquarie is home to the only koala hospital in the world, so we decided to take a tour there one afternoon.

Wipe out!
The hospital is run by volunteers who look after the cuddly creatures if they get knocked over by cars, attacked by other animals or just fall out of trees. It was really nice being shown around the grounds and being told the different stories about the koalas. My favourite was Bad Boy Barry; a male koala who, according to the tour guide, 'is very proud of his anatomy and has a liking for presenting it to females of all species'.

Next stop: Newcastle. Why aye, man!


Feeding Bad Boy Barry

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  1. You did very much better than we did trying to learn to surf! (Mind you, we never got to Port Macquarie!)


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