5 October 2010

Ko Phangan

The view from our room - result!

McDowell clinching the vital point
Tropical island - check.
Beach bungalow by the ocean - check.
Irish pub showing the 2010 Ryder Cup - check!

Yes, our time in this gorgeous Thai island has coincided with the world's biggest golf tournament. Thankfully for me, Pam has shown grace and understanding in putting up with three consecutive nights in The Harp Bar, where I had the pleasure of watching Europe scrape victory over a stubborn USA team by 14½ points to 13½.

Anyway, enough about golf...

Overlooking the north west of the island
Ko Phangan is absolutely stunning. Palm trees line white sandy beaches, buffalo roam free (and thankfully keep to themselves!) and we have had a week of (mostly) blue skies. The island has a population of just 8,000 and is about the same size as the city of Aberdeen (that is where the similarities end).

Our beach bungalow
We are staying in a bungalow about ten metres from the beach in the Phrueksa Resort on the south west coast of the island, just a fifteen minute drive from Haad Rin - where the famous 'full moon party' is held.

At Hat Rin Nok beach
Driving the moped up and down the steepest roads I've ever come across, we made it to this backpacker haven. Little pubs had movies showing on big screens throughout the day ('The Beach' was on in a few of the places we passed) and there were small shops selling homemade jewellery and beach clothes.

Soaking up the sun
Looking back, this is where we should have stayed on the island, however, if we had, I might not have gotten to drive the moped - it's so much fun! 



  1. I love reading these entries while I'm procrastinating! Can't wait until you both are in Boston!! :]

    Enjoy x

  2. Yo, sounds ace.
    This was in The Guardian yesterday:

  3. Hello mrs! I can't wait to come back to Boston and Amherst, it has been too long! Hope uni is going well, we are looking forward to some 'ball and cup' UMass challenges! Pam xx


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